Luke spends a lot of time meeting customers in the initial stages and has a real keen eye for design. He has 13 years experience through all areas of the construction trade, giving him a great eye for detail in every room. He is always wearing a smile and willing to lend a hand. 

Inspired by: Top Gun

Drinks: Tea with 1 please




John takes care of the running of sites, a grafter through and through - he would work in his sleep if he could. With 15 years of experience in the industry, John has a wealth of knowledge that can be called upon and is instrumental in driving the team forward, making sure things are moving smoothly. Always in a good mood no matter if the sun is shining or pouring with rain. 

Loves to: Dye his hair

Drinks: White coffee please



Site Manager & Builder

Reece joined us after 6 months working in Mauritius building some 5 start hotels. Dedicated to what he does, he treats every job as if it were his own home and always willing to lend his advice when asked. 

Favourite place: Work, or Mauritius

Drinks: Coffee with 1 please



Carpenter & Site Manager

Well known for his pout and selfies, Darren is an experienced and hard working member of the team. He is a loft converter to the core and has more energy than the Russian Athletics team

Drinks: coffee with one




The Aussie joined our team last year and we can't remember a time without him. He is dynamic and can turn his hand to a lot of aspects of domestic and commercial building with an incredibly high quality.

Is Aussie rules really a sport? Hell yeah it is!

Drinks: Fosters… Tea with 1 please




Jake is the man when it comes to anything wood. Young and dynamic, he chases perfection and adapts to his surroundings with ease. A tool-a-holic, he loves to add to his ever growing tool chest.

Best hair gel: VO5 or Bed Head (seriously???)

Drinks: Tea with 1 please




Claude is a carpenter by day and talented musician by night. Claude had a change of career and being slightly older enables him to really dedicate his time and life skills to work. You'll never catch him standing around, always willing to muck in with all aspects of your build.

Favourite instrument: Drums

Drinks: Coffee, no sugar, please.




Sean loves his job almost as much as he loves 80’s pop music. With a keen work ethic and the strength of Duran Duran in their heyday. Sean has recently passed his driving test and like grateful parents, we are enjoying not running him and his extensive tool collection around anymore.

Drinks: Warm Ribbena




Our very own Latvian prince. A keen eye for detail and slowly getting the hang of British sense of humour... very slowly. Ed is a truly unique character, not a bad word could be said about him. Always looking to expand his own knowledge he will spend his spare time educating himself in all different areas.

Drinks: Eggnog



Site Labourer & Apprentice

Mitch is one of the hardest working lads on site, he is always willing to help out and always looking to learn something new, he has a bright future ahead with house. A self confessed ladies man.

Football team: Depends who is winning, normally Liverpool

Drinks: Tea or Coffee with 1 please



Nathan can be found all over site, he is keen to learn and a real hard worker. Normally involved in the initial stages of a project, from groundworks to brickwork. Incredibly polite and willing.

Loves to: work hard play hard

Drinks: white coffee with 1 please




A vital cog to the house machine. Often visiting every site every day, he knows every shortcut in Brighton! Mark is really well travelled and his experiences around the world are always worth a listen if you have 5 minutes, but only 5, he is working remember!

Drinks: Moroccan tea


Alex & Nathan

Electrical Department

Alex and Nathan are often mistaken for a couple, they bicker and laugh like a couple and work collaboratively to create great lighting features and much much more. Fully qualified and insured.

Argue over: Football and who is making the tea

Drinks: Coffee with 1 please



Interior Design

Sam has all the characteristics we thrive on, hard working, personable with a warm family background. Sam provides a bespoke styling & design service helping customers realise their vision before we get work.

Likes: Louis Vuitton

Drinks: Depends what sort of day I'm having :)